JESUS SHINES NETWORK carries Testimony, Miracles, Spiritual Messages from all churches and gospel meetings with out any denominational differences or organizational differences, in other words it is connecting all people including Christians to share the Love and Grace of JESUS CHRIST (GOSPEL) to people all over the world. It also provides helpful information and guides people who are searching for Education, Jobs and Marriage to all people with out religious difference. All these information are provided free of cost. NO Money is collected from anyone for using the services.

This website don’t have any hidden visions like converting people to a religion called Christianity. Jesus never wanted to convert any Hindu or Muslim or Sikh…… to Christian. The aim of birth, life, death in cross and resurrection of Jesus Christ is to save the sinners from their sins and give them a blessed peaceful life, leading them to heaven. So we require only repentance for the sins from the sinners from their heart and not a religious conversion. If you have a bible in your home and read the words of Lord in his true light (understanding the True Meaning of words of Jesus Christ and walking in the ways of Lord) You can lead a successful life by reading the words of Jesus and leading the life as per his words. Going to a church or joining a fellowship and getting baptized are the things you have to decide later after accepting Jesus in your heart as per word of Lord.

You have to ask Lord Jesus in prayers about these things. We can guide you how to pray to God and how to walk in his ways. GOD BLESS YOU.