JESUS SHINES NETWORK is emerging as a new evangelical tool to reach all people with the love & grace of Jesus Christ, Started as a small social network on 2008 by an men very well known by Lord Jesus from 2004, He gathered all the free resources that were available on internet in different web pages as videos, audio, text and compiled it in a single domain. Now its finding its own space in web and reaching people in all levels through small booklets, magazines, websites and mobile

About the Founder and Administrator of JESUS SHINES NETWORK:

I introduce myself as Servant of Jesus Christ and I started the website to share the love and grace of JESUS CHRIST to people all over the world. I never wanted to put my name or photo in the website and tried to establish my own kingdom. All the websites started by me on behalf of Lord Jesus share the words of Lord as per his word. I never felt that I am worthy enough to do the work of Lord. Only Lord Jesus came in my life when I was in a bad position, he showered his love & grace to me. He helped me to get a good life in this world and promised eternal life. I want to share the same to everyone in the world. I am also a weak vessel like you but selected by Jesus to do his works. I am also trying to walk in faith by keeping the words of Lord in my heart. 
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